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Here’s another song from the new album, “Fog On The Lens”, called “Cold Clear Moon”. You can pre-order at Enjoy!

Thanks Bumbershoot!

Thanks Bumbershoot!

Hello friends. My new album¬†"Fog On The Lens" will be released on November 4th, and it is available today for pre-order through Bandcamp. There is a Limited Edition Deluxe Package that includes the CD with artwork by Frida Clements and photography by Alicia Palaniuk, as well as a gorgeous 7-inch Picturedisc Single of the song “Fog on the Lens” (limited edition of 40, hand-made by Lathecuts, numbered and signed by me), Cassette (limited edition of 40), Lyric Booklet/Postcard Set, Poster, Sticker, and Buttons.

I recorded this album during my residency at Town Hall this past spring, and it was mixed and co-produced by Yuuki Matthews of The Shins and Teardrops. 

I’m also very happy to announce that & Records will be releasing the album (with 2 bonus tracks) in Japan on October 15th! There are also tour plans in the near future, and the dates will be announced here soon.

Thank you for listening to and supporting my music. I’m incredibly proud of this album and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Self portrait.

Self portrait.

NEW VIDEO: “Fallen Cedar”, shot on the Seattle Monorail by the good folks from Bumbershoot. The monorail kindly allowed us to take a private ride, and even started the car in time with the music! Plus, I got to sit in the same seat where Elvis sat in “It Happened At The World’s Fair”. I play at Bumbershoot on Saturday, August 30th.

Video Premiere: “Open Room: Tomo Nakayama Town Hall Artist Residency”

I’m very excited and happy to present this documentary short film made by the insanely talented E Ryan McMackin. Many thanks to everyone at Town Hall Seattle and Capitol Cider for this experience!

Album update: I’ve recorded 11 songs over the past 3 months at Town Hall, using their performance hall, Steinway piano, and my trusty portable recording rig. I’m now in the final stages of mixing with the help of my friend Yuuki Matthews of The Shins (Yuuki was also in a band called Seldom back in the day who were a huge influence on me when I first started writing songs, so this is a real dream come true!). It’s a very personal, intimate record, but we’re also using a lot of weird synthesizers and effects, sonic textures I’ve never explored before that nonetheless trigger very specific childhood memories in my brain. Kind of hard to explain, but I think you’ll see when you hear it. I’m still figuring out how/when it will be released, but I look forward to sharing it with you soon!